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Rooibos skin care


These gentle and effective products brought to you by Inheritance SkinCare are exceptionally rich in antioxidants thanks to the Rooibos plant grown in the Mountains of South Africa. The Rooibos plant (aspalathus linearis) is part of the Cape fynbos kingdom and is used to produce a soothing, caffeine-free tea and for uses in the supplement and skin-care industries. Rooibos is indigenous to the Western Cape and is grown commercially for the production of Rooibos extract to be used in Rooibos skincare.


In 2014 the Rooibos plant was awarded Geographic Indicator Status by the European Union, which means that – similar to champagne – it is restricted to the small area of the Cederberg where it grows naturally. African Extracts Rooibos products use an advanced extract of fresh, green rooibos produced at a sophisticated extraction plant by Rooibos SA technicians, right in the heart of the growing region. This straight from the field to the extraction process ensures that the highest levels of antioxidants – as much as 40% by volume – are captured in the extract. Each batch is quality tested for antioxidant levels by an independent laboratory. Rich in anti-oxidants, known to act against free radicals, helping to prevent premature aging, Rooibos extract also contains zinc, essential to the skin's metabolism, and its own natural alpha-hydroxy acid which smoothes and refines fine lines and wrinkles.


While research has confirmed the health benefits of drinking Rooibos, including reducing cholesterol levels, helping prevent some cancers, until recently very little had been studied on the topical benefits of rooibos. These benefits now include being used to treat eczema, psoriasis, dry and inflamed skin.


Natural Rooibos extract is pure and non-allergic. A patented Cape Green "green tea" method, exclusive to African Extracts Rooibos Skin Care, ensures these Rooibos products have 11 times more anti-oxidants than products with the conventional extract.  Naturally high in ascorbic acid, zinc, and antioxidants, recent research undertaken at the University of Stellenbosch shows that the same green extract is effective in limiting the replication of precancerous skin cells. This reinforces the protective benefit offered against damaging and aging environmental factors.


Ideal for all skin types.  Inheritance SkinCare is pleased to bring the Rooibos skincare line to the public.


"Using green Rooibos extract was found to be effective in limiting cell damage caused by environmental factors, even in precancerous skin cells." (See more information below)

- Dr. Tandeka Mgcwebeba, Researcher Stellenbosch University




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Rich in powerful anti-oxidants, dermatologically tested, paraben free (NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS)


Whether you’ve been searching through the pages of the beauty section in your favourite magazine, scrolling through Pinterest or asking loved ones for advice, you’d have noticed that today’s recommendations are all about the natural products. People seem to love the idea of beauty without cruelty and wanting skin care solutions that are free of harsh chemicals and kind to our environment. Rooibos is the ultimate natural secret weapon that everyone should get their hands on.



Rooibos is enriched with antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase and an array of vitamins like zinc, Vitamin D, calcium and potassium. The superoxide promotes anti-aging by reducing those troublesome winkles and the production of healthy skin cells. The deeply purifying and anti-bacterial properties of Rooibos also help to reduce common skin disorders such as acne or eczema. One of the lesser-known benefits of Rooibos is the stimulating effect it can have on your hair, as it works from the root to promote hair growth.


Incorporating Rooibos into a daily routine could be just what you need to feel fresh and invigorated both inside and out and the only way to see the results is to make a start. Discover for yourself the diverse micro-identities of the African Extracts Rooibos range of skincare products which contains all the right ingredients.


Plus we are part of the international campaign to remove Microbeads of plastic from all skincare products and toothpastes. (see more on our About Us page)  One thing is certain, African Extracts Rooibos scrubs and exfoliators use only Rooibos leaves and apricot seed kernels to give your skin that soft, smooth polished feel.




South Africans have always known that Rooibos skin care is good for you. This fine-needled plant grows only in the Cederberg area in the Western Cape, and has been used for centuries by the early San and Khoi people as a healing medication for skin. The temperature shift is massive - with searing heat in the summer and freezing cold winters.


The secret to its skin-saving properties is the high antioxidant levels found in the plant, which help prevent abnormal behavior in cells that can lead to cancer. Not surprisingly, there's a great deal of research being conducted into the cancer-fighting benefits of Rooibos.


Research into Rooibos is being funded by Cansa, the Cancer Association of South Africa, into aspects of how Rooibos extract can help prevent and treat skin cancer. This research has been going on for 10 years and the latest results are exciting.


According to Cansa, Rooibos contains powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals that contribute to heart disease and cancer.  It also supplements the recommended daily allowance of calcium, manganese and especially fluoride, essential for the development of strong teeth and bones. Drinking Rooibos tea daily can help decrease cholesterol, protect the liver, soothe stomach cramps and colic in infants, enhance metabolism, support healthy skin and ease numerous skin diseases.

Drinking Rooibos is also shown to boost levels of glutathione, the body's own super antioxidant. Scientists advocate drinking six cups of Rooibos a day and there's every reason to think that using Rooibos skincare products with Rooibos extract will add a valuable layer of protection in the fight against skin cancer.



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