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This book, "You Can’t Love Him Into Loving You", takes you on a journey of love, lies, and betrayal. A work of survival and resilience to ultimately live a loving and joyful life. Going through the fire and coming out stronger. 

• 10 Questions to determine your relationship status

• Self-help and guidance that touches on sensitive topics

• Resources and tools to help move you forward


The end of a 14-year marriage was the beginning of finding and growing into a heart-centered soul determined to help others to live their fullest life. She is now a certified trainer and Life Coach.


Mission: Empower women and men to take control of their lives, to find love first within themselves and then to share it with the world.


“I know this book will make a huge difference to many lives.” Janet Groom – Author and Life Coach

“Even if you are not in an unhealthy relationship, this is a book for you, to learn more about what we might allow to happen. Get inspired.” Caroline Palmy – Author and Heart Flow Healer

“This book brings a very personal experience out into the light, reassuring readers that recovery from narcissistic and covert emotional abuse is indeed possible. I encourage everyone to read this book, to ask the questions posed at the end and reach out for help…” Rev Deb Connor – Spiritual Counselor

You Can't Love Him into Loving You

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